The latest #upvape
has been installed


As vapers for over 5 years now, we do now know what we want.
As professionals, we do know what professionals need, to offer the
best vaping experience to their customers. As manufacturers, we know how to make it.


Our redesigned Vapestation, the VAPEBANK is a desktop device that you can put anywhere you like, with simple but
futuristic appearance, suitable for various environments. Both sides offer advertisement space for customized content. Print
and insert any advertising poster in A5 dimensions and promote your new products, e-liquid line, or offers.


The box mod style handles have been internally updated
with mosfet transistors for amplified electronic signals
and protection against overvoltage,overload and short
circuit. The cables are now built into the handles, making them easier to hold, stand, or hang.


Thick wires used to ensure zero voltage drop and continuous power.
Detachable & adjustable length power and handle cords offers the ability for
customs installations


All connec-tions have been moved to the back panel of the unit, leaving your interiors clean of cables.